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How To Use Border Punches

 Hi Friends, Today, I have a quick video on the Heart to Heart Video Punch. Perfect for Valentine or Love Scrapbook Layouts.    You can check out more fun border punches by clicking here  I hope to have some fun borders to show next week... Enjoy your weekend and do something that makes you feel good, Sandy💓

My First CM Haul

 I thought instead of posting dozen of pictures of all the products I just got in my very first CM Haul, I would create this little video. Do you think I have enough to get started? Well with the sub zero weather coming this weekend and more snow on the way, I hope to have something to share with all of you very soon. I am doing a lot of learning including this short video I just shared. So that saying Never to Old to Learn Something New is true! Trust me on that one. Have a fabulous weekend and do something that makes you happy, Sandy💓

Why I Signed Up with Creative Memories and so Can You!

  Hi Friends, It's been a while since I've been here and I'm not going to even lie. I was caught up in trying to sell products for direct sales companies and it just wasn't working. The bottom line is I love to create not sell. With this being a New Year, I decided to quit direct sales and start over just doing what I want. I love products from all different companies and I do use them but couldn't share because it wasn't "their product". Which brings me to my most reason decision and WHY I decided to do it. Actually I have several reasons. Who doesn't like a discount, I know I do. So I pay retail for what I want and depending on how much I spend depends on my coupon so to speak, Meaning I can get up to 40% off depending on where I am on their scale. The beauty of it is when you hit certain milestones you maintain that commission. For an example I'll use me. I want to start scrapbooking my grandchildren so I needed supplies...I went to the CM s