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Happy 2022

 Hi Friends, Well, here we are 14 days into the New Year, when I realized I haven't even wished anyone a happy healthy, prosperous New Year. So Happy 2022!!! The holidays were very quiet and lonely, I missed seeing family and my Grandkids, however because of health issues, the winter months everyone seems to be fighting off flu or colds or Covid, which seems to not want to go away! So, beginning in Oct. all the way till about May, I isolate so that I don't get sick because I do have a compromised immune system and am on Oxygen 24/7. So, with all that being said, I want to share some things that I plan on doing this year. I hope to make more cards and start a card ministry, which I intend on sending to Nursing Homes, Women's Shelters, and anyone who needs to be cheered up! I do hope to share the cards I make on this blog in hopes to inspire you to start making cards. I also decided to try my hand at art journaling using Elizabeth Craft Products. I've never been one for j