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Don't Ever Let Someone tell you...

Hi,       Stampin' friends and crafters ,   Don't ever let some one tell can't do something because I'm here to tell you, you  absolutely can! If you put your mind to something and you want it bad enough and put your heart and soul into it, it can be done! I started with Stampin' Up on Jan 10th of this year and have achieved all three of these awards in less than one month. Three Month Achiever equals $300 a month for three months for a total of $900. Now don't let this scare you, it depends on what you want out of the company and your business. For me I wanted the 25% discount as soon as I could get it. If you break it done that's approximately 2 workshops a month at $150 a workshop and don't forget whatever you purchase goes towards your sales.  I joined for the discount so it was an absolute must to reach my goal. Six Month Achiever and Bronze Elite go hand in hand...when you get to 6-month quick start, you than promote to Bronze Elite. That