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What have I Been Up To?

Hi Friends, Well it's been a long time since I've been here on my blog. The reason being I lost my love of crafting. I've been struggling for awhile and even though I've been still purchasing all my favorite crafting products, in hopes of regaining my love for paper crafts and stamping, the truth is all I'm doing is accumulating stuff and still not making anything. So I've decided to give up direct selling completely. I haven't done classes for a very long time, nor do I sell products, I stayed in as a hobbiest and bought for myself meeting quotas to stay active. This is where I'm at right now. This blog is to help me get back to crafting for me. Come along if you like, if not, that's ok too. I have recently started to make some cards to send this year for Christmas. In the next few days I will begin posting some of the cards I've made. I will also start removing things from my blog that are of no use. This is now my hobby blog, where I can po